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Affordable 737NG Flight Simulator


Do you need to prepare for an Airline Simulator Assessment?
We offer Boeing 737NG flight simulator assessment preparation sessions in Swords Enterprise Park, Dublin.


Our fixed base procedural Flight Simulator is modelled on the Boeing 737-800 aircraft. We provide you with a practical and affordable environment to familiarise yourself with the 737 NG flight deck layout, avionics and automation systems.

We offer various Simulator Assessment Preparation packages specifically designed to prepare you for your airline pilot assessment, convenienly located at Swords Enterprise Park

Our simulator is available to hire at the lowest rates in Ireland. No hidden prices - the prices shown are inclusive of the instructor. Ryanair simulator assessment in Dublin

Our Advanced 737NG Avionics

Pause Play
Vertical Situation Display (VSD) active in ND
GPWS generated terrain data in Captain's ND
Lower DU with HYD, Brakes & Flight Control Surface
Rockwell Collins Enhanced Mode Control Panel (MCP)

Flightdeck Instrument Layout

Primary Flight Display (PFD) / Navigation Display (ND) - VOR Mode

Simulator Assessment Preparation Packages

Our simulator preparation packages typically consist of a standard take-off with flight directors followed by raw data upper air work exercises focusing on, basic handling techniques– accel, decel, turns, climbs & descents. We then move on to navigational procedures followed by raw data ILS approach and landing.

☑ Pre Flight Briefing ☑ Callouts - Practice PF and PM role ☑ Navtech Plate Briefing
☑ Speed, Pitch & Thrust settings ☑ Upper Air work exercises ☑ Emergency procedures
☑ Flap schedules ☑ Precision and Non Precision Approaches ☑ Missed Approach procedure
☑ Takeoff & Landing Profiles ☑ NDB Entry and Holding ☑ CRM evaluation & post flight de-briefing

Choose a package below to suit your requirements

2 Hour
Simulator Session

This accelerated package is perfect if you have recently completed a Multi Crew Co-Operation course or have experience on a 737NG or similar type simulator.


4 Hour
Simulator Session

This is our standard simulator preparation package. It is designed to provide you with a comprehensive session covering a range of procedures including an opportunity to practice the Pilot Monitoring roles and responsibilities. This session is ideally suited to the candidate who has limited jet or glass cockpit experience.


6 Hour
Simulator Session

Designed to take a more gradual approach to familiarising yourself with the flight deck layout, avionics and automation systems. This package allows you to steadily build up your knowledge of the procedures, and aircraft systems. You will also have more time to re-run scenarios and to develop a scan that you are happy to bring to the interview.


If you require any additional information please drop us a line at info@upilot.ie or call +353 870 572 677

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