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This year give them a gift they won't forget

Christmas Presents

This Festive Season give someone special a truly memorable Christmas Present
An opportunity to experience the thrill of flight in a 737NG Flight Simulator

Fly a Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator
Strap yourself into the captains seat and get ready for a thrilling and exciting taste of what it feels like to be an airline pilot.
We have a wide range of flight experiences available. A truly memorable experience and a great present that will be remembered for many years to come!

This Christmas...give them the Perfect Gift
We are open to the public at our new premises in Swords Enterprise Park
All our Flight Experiences are open-dated and valid for 12 months!
Simply choose from one of the exciting experiences below, then purchase using our fast and secure PayPal online system!

 Instant delivery to your inbox!
Perfect for last minute gifts, delivered straight to your inbox...
You will receive an electronic boarding pass that you can instantly print and present!

Our Flight Simulator Experiences:

60 mins City Circuits Experience - €149

Whether it’s your first time on the flight deck, or you’re an experienced aviator, this option delivers an exciting taste of the Flightdeck experience. With a 60 minute experience you will take-off fly a circuit and land from two different airports!
Choose to fly in any weather and at any time of day or night.

90 mins Adventurer Experience - €199

For this flight you are the Captain! With the 90 Minutes Experience you have the flexibility to choose from a series of take-offs and landings at your favourite airports or you can choose to fly a complete flight between two airports following real-life airline procedures!

120 mins Challenger Experience - €249

Fly into 5 of the world’s most dangerous approaches in stormy weather! Can you handle the pressure?
The Challenger Experience pits you against five increasingly difficult approaches into some of the planets most exciting airport approaches in the world!
Starting at Donegal airport (Worlds most scenic approach 2017) and culminating in an approach into the infamous old ‘Kai Tak’ Airport in Hong Kong on a stormy monsoon night. You will be given a preflight introduction and airport approach briefing for each of the five airports.
Experience unique landing challenges as you fly in and out of some of the most difficult and dangerous airports in the world!

240 mins Long Haul Experience - €500

Experience flying a complete Airline Line Flight in real-time following real-world airline operating procedures. The Long Haul Experience includes a 30min preflight induction, full fightdeck orientation, pre-flight enroute and approach briefings, navigation techniques, Flight Management Computer preparation, and checklist execution.
You will learn to manage the autopilot systems enroute. You may even have to deal with inflight emergencies such as engine fires or flame outs.
When you chose to go long-haul you will be landing at international destinations from a range of spectacular metropolises such as an approach into ultra modern Dubai at night, oriental Hong Kong approach, or a hop across the pond to JFK in New York or LAX on the west coast. Choose from 24,000 destinations and discover some of the most exciting airports in the world!

Buy A Flight Experience:

Select your experience from the dropdown menu

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I accept the Terms & Conditions

What if I don't have a PayPal account?

No problem at all. Simply give us a call or drop us an email and we will provide you with alternative payment instructions!

Do I need to have any flying experience?
No experience is necessary.
You will have a flight instructor in the co-pilot's seat who will assist you throughout your flight.

How do I purchase a flight experience?
You can buy a flight experience online using our secure PayPal payment system. An Electronic Boarding Card will be dispatched to you the same day.

Do I need to book in advance, how do I make a booking?
Advanced booking is essential
To make a booking send us an email quoting the number on your Boarding Card, or you can phone us directly to book your slot.

Can I bring along a friend to watch?
Yes, you can bring along a friend to observe the flight experience from a jumpseat on the flightdeck.

Are children allowed to fly the Simulator, is there a minimum age?
Absolutely, Children are more than welcome to come and enjoy the flight experience. The minimum height we recommend is 140cm (4'5").
We do not have a specific minimum age, however bear in mind that flying is a technical activity!
Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

How long is my Flight Experience valid for?
All our Flight Experience's are open dated and valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
Yes, you can request a full refund up to 14 days from the date of purchase.

Does the simulator have motion?
Our flight simulator is a fixed base procedural trainer. However, the realistic cockpit environment combined with our immersive 200° visual motion cueing system convinces the brain that you are actually flying.

Is the simulator realistic to the real aircraft?
The Flightdeck of our flight simulator is an exact replica of a Boeing 737NG. Our simulator is so realistic that it is regularly used by professional pilots for their own training requirements.

Will I fly the jet, will I have the controls by myself?
Yes of course! Your instructor will give you an introduction and a preflight briefing, after that its up to you!
You will be the PF (Pilot Flying in control of the jet) and the instructor will assist as the PM (Pilot Monitoring)

If you have any other questions get in touch by sending an email to info@upilot.ie
Or by using the contact form at upilot.ie/contact.html.

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